In 2008, Norbert ter Hall and Robert Alberdingk Thijm set up Willy Waltz International, a production company for developing cultural- and media productions, in which quality and expressiveness are key. Willy Waltz encourages and takes part in collaborations with different parties, to involve a broad network of creatives in their projects. Together with Amsterdam Museum of Photography FOAM they co-created Dana Lixenbergs exposition SET AMSTERDAM (2011). With broadcasters VARA, VPRO and NTR they created the TV series AMSTERDAM PARADISE (A’dam-E.V.A. 2011 and 2013) and together with ZAPP and Flemish broadcaster VRT, OLLIE HARTMOED’S PALACE OF DRAPERIES (Het Gordijnpaleis van Ollie Hartmoed 2012) was created.


Robert Alberdingk Thijm and Norbert ter Hall are passionate TV and filmmakers, and have created multiple successful productions. Distinctive about their work is their way of telling stories firmly entrenched in society, featuring ordinary people as lead characters, dealing with ordinary life. This way, they try to reach out to a broad audience, and to unite them at the same time.

Alberdingk Thijm and ter Hall previously worked on:


With the award winning TV series DUNYA & DESIE, featuring two teenaged Amsterdam girls – one of Moroccan origin, the other as Dutch as they come – Robert Alberdingk Thijm conquered the heart of both Dutch and German audience, and managed to unite these different cultures at the same time.

The series was award with various international TV awards, such as the Spanish ‘Premios Ondas’, the German ‘Prix Jeunesse’, the Dutch ‘Grote Kinderkast’, and was nominated twice for the International Emmy Award.


In the successful remake of THE SHEEP WITH FIVE LEGS, director Norbert ter Hall portrayed the ordinary Amsterdam life of bygone decades, in a witty and touching way, bridging the gap between different generations.

Both THE SHEEP WITH FIVE LEGS, and follow-up series ‘THE FREE SHEEP’ and ‘THE SPANISH SHEEP’ won various awards, including three ‘Beeld and Geluid-awards’ and the prestigious ‘Nipkow-schijf’.


Alberdingk Thijm and ter Hall’s legsatest success, is the vibrant mosaic narrative AMSTERDAM PARADISE (A’dam-E.V.A.). In this TV series the city of Amsterdam is more than just the setting, it actually plays the main part. Over the course of eight episodes we are witness to the development of the relationship between country-boy Adam and city-girl Eva and see how it is continually influenced and affected by dozens of other stories set in the city.

This series also won various awards, including the French ‘Prix de la Fiction’, for best international TV series, and the ‘Beeld and Geluid-award’. On top of that, newspaper Het Parool nominated Alberdingk Thijm and ter Hall for the prestigious ‘Amsterdammer of the Year-award’.


Willy Waltz International successfully collaborated with broadcasters VPRO, VARA and NTR, with educative publisher Malmberg, TV producer Lemming Film, filmproducer Phanta Vision, museum of photography FOAM, cultural publisher Roma, the township of Amsterdam, theatre ‘De Kleine Komedie’ and theatre ‘Bellevue’.